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Tagged (via Skype, because she forgot to tag me in the initial journal entry) by :icon4maskwolf:

Ooh, a character fun facts page. I'm gonna do one for Calia, and one for Reaper (SUITFALL OC)

Here are the rules:
1.) Post the rules.
2.) Post 16 facts about your character.
3.) Tag 8 other characters.
4.) Post their names along with their creators avatars

1) Calia's original inspiration was very different. She wasn't a Gifted, but a Crystal Dragon Wyrm thing in human form. After adapting her to a "sci-fi meets fantasy setting", that's when she became half Terran, half Arcane being. To suit her powers with the sci-fi setting, they're now based on a state of matter.
2) Calia's name was picked because I wanted something that sounded like a normal English name, but an uncommon one.
3) Calia's idea is basically inspired by "what happened if the distressed damsel of a president's daughter took several levels in asskicking?"
4) Calia's hair colour is meant to be emerald green, representing crystals in the form of emeralds.
5) Her hairstyle is supposed to look tomboyish. In fact, if her ponytail is tied up, she can be mistaken for a male if her ponytail is behind her neck. (Of course, her boobs will give it away if she isn't wearing a portal bra)
6) Speaking of boobs, Calia is pretty stacked. At 16 Gifted years of age, she's already a D. At 22, she's F. Of course, she uses a "portal bra" to hide them so they don't get in the way when she fights.
7) When making character flaws, I gave her pride/bossiness, as well as stubbornness. The first one ties into her status as President Rayfer's child, and she does not hesitate to use her status to boss others around. Of course, not everybody is willing to put up with that kind of bullshit and a lot of other characters call her out on it. The second one, while allowing her to be determined, will also get her into lots of trouble.
8) Calia's Guardian Chris is meant to be a contrast to her. While Calia is strict, cold, and uptight, Chris is playful and carefree.
9) Elemental Stuff: Calia is of the ice/earth element. Earth because crystals, and solids. Ice because ice crystals, and solid forms of a chemical tend to be at a lower temperature than liquid and gases of the same chemical (taking evaporation into account and assuming similar pressure conditions). Of course, this means she's vulnerable to fire and air elemental attacks.
10) Calia is pretty well-rounded in Diamond Phase, having good range, offense and defense. Her movement speed is one of the slowest, however. This is tied to her elemental themes- Earth/Ice are good defensively and pretty strong offensively, but also tend to be slow (especially Earth).
11) Calia cannot cook hot foods without disastrous results. When the food gets hot, her subconscious will cast an ice aura to put out the heat. At the same time, Calia cannot drink hot coffee or eat high temperature foods without getting hurt. Warm stuff is okay, and cold stuff is especially refreshing and heals her.
12) Calia can absorb most solids that are made of mineral or metal. Yes, that means that conventional bullets heal her. This being a sci-fi universe she's from, most bullets are far from conventional, and energy bullets will hurt her all the same.
13) Calia has a fear of heights. This is again, tied with her Earth element, and what better phobia to pick that something related to being high away from the ground?
14) Calia has a weird relationship with her bodyguard AC. She's friendly yet bossy towards him, while still treating him with respect. But she holds herself higher than him. It gets to a point where, at one point in the story, AC will temporarily leave her as he can't stand it.
15) What Calia says may only be part of what's on her mind. She tends to hide her emotions often, causing her to look and act rather coldly.
16) Like almost all my other characters, Calia will go through a good amount of character development during the course of Diamond Phase. In this case, she will open up her feelings more often, as well as becoming less bossy towards her teammates.

1) Reaper is heavily based off me, specifically the life of bullying that he had, his hatred towards humans, and his soft spot towards kids. Also, he's Chinese.
2) His suit's name, Thanatos, was "taken from a game he had played". The game in question is Chaos Legion, with Thanatos being the ultimate summon.
3) Reaper was originally meant to be a bad guy through and through, but due to how character development can occur, the first suit user he met would be so nice towards him that he couldn't believe that adult humans could be good people. And that set him on the road to redemption.
4) Reaper's idea of being a brain in a plane was conceived by me, thanks to me finding sentient vehicles awesome. In fact he was not supposed to have used his bipedal form at all.
5) Reaper's real name is Wang Luo Yan. Yan Luo Wang is the name of the Chinese Underworld God.
6) The biggest irony: Reaper/Thanatos is that a guy whose actual, fake, and suit names are based on death or death deities. He's also tehnically a dead guy in a suit.
7) Reaper's airplane form resembles a jet plane if a jet plane was made by Alienware. This is intentional in-character, he designed his suit after his Alienware computer.
8) If Reaper could get an upgrade or weapon, he'd try to get them in this order: Levitation, Defense Maze, Strength Upgrade, Plasma Blade, Amphibious/Bio Suit/Armor Plating/Maneuvering Rockets
9) Reaper has a few things that can set him off. First is calling him small. Second is calling him a kids' show airplane character, like Jay Jay the Jet Plane. Third is bullying him. Last and most dangerous one is hurting kids in front of him.
10) Reaper knows how to hide what's on his mind well. If he really wants to hide something, he will not use his "hand behind head" motion when lying/omitting information.
11) Reaper's a Mesh Suit (normally has 1 power stat) with 7 power stat. This allows his power reserves to last 7 days without recharging, perfect for him to snipe people from orbit.
12) His suit also has high resistance to high and low temperature, as well as space radiation. This is so he can perform his original role of orbital sniper.
13) Reaper's Drones are named Flight and Sever. These are actually two names that I planned to give a Dual Boss from the Metaspace series.
14) Reaper's Weapons are named Hell's Heart and Death's Knell. The former is a railgun designed to pierce armor like a huge spear (hence the reference to Moby Dick- "from Hell's Heart, I stab at thee"). It's also named after one of the episodes in Crysis Warhead, "From Hell's Heart". The latter, Death's Knell is a reference to Death Knell (impending doom, which is what happens when the missile is launched and locks onto something), as well as the name of a mech from Mechwarrior Online.
15) An Alternate Universe version of Reaper is a character of mine, he'd be sharing the same universe as an Alternate Universe equivalent of :iconthehailstormer:'s Iris. Over there, he got duped into joining a VR simulator, where the people there anasthesized him and extracted his brain before putting it into a jetplane fueled by nanites.
16) Reaper, while he is atoning for his bride-bombing action, will still have to face the consequences of what he did in the first night. His action will bite him back in the ass HARD later on.

Tagging of characters:
:iconthehailstormer:'s Stormer (from Unchained Lightning)
(More to come)


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Probably put some flash projects and pics here.


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